About & Thank you

Who Is The Croo'?

We are a couple composed of a designer and a data geek, this is our first app/site together!

The Croo' is also supported by friends and members: Mr. S-R Shea, Mr. S Els
We would also like to thank everone participating to the Almanook discord for testing, suggesting things and helping!

Big Thanks to:

The Croo' would like to thank all the contributors of the SpreadSheet Discord and here's the SpreadSheet!
The site wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the efforts of these people.

And more particularily:

Also a huge thanks to the people of nookipedia.com for all the great work over the years and the help you've been providing!

Legal Declarations:

Almanook.me doesn't own any of the game content available on this site.
This is a fansite, we only provide useful informations and features using assets and informations available online.